7 Things You Can Do Around The House While Social Distancing

Lately, it has become very important for everyone to stay home and distance themselves from each other to keep the ones we love safe. Although we may not all get to participate in the activities we normally know and love now is a perfect time to get the things done around the house that we have been procrastinating. Keep yourself occupied with my list of things you can do around the house while social distancing.

Start Your Spring Cleaning


Spring has finally sprung and there’s no better time to clean up the house! Try deep cleaning the kitchen, shampooing your rugs and carpets, or washing the windows. Even take the cleaning outside: hose down your exterior walls and driveway, sweep up the porch or rake the leaves. Maybe even consider cleaning out the car and giving it a wash too. Now more than ever it is extremely important to keep ourselves and the place we live as clean as possible.

Do Your Taxes

Tax season is coming to an end sooner than you think! Sit down and take the time to do your taxes while you have extra time. It may not be the most exciting activity but is important for each one of us to do. Even with everything going on in the world right now, the IRS is going to be keeping the tax-filing deadline on April 15. Although, individuals and businesses will have the option to defer any tax payment that you may owe until July 15. There are also lots of free tax-filing resources you can use at home such as H&R Block or Credit Karma.

Organize and Declutter

What better time to organize and declutter the house! Purge your closet of all the things you don’t need or use anymore and donate them to a local charity. Clean out the pantry and fridge, check the expiration dates on absolutely everything and trash the things that aren’t good anymore. Go through all the cabinets in the house and even check the expiration dates on all your bathroom products as well. You would be surprised how many things don’t keep as long as you think they do! Getting rid of the things we don’t need can make keeping the house clean much easier for everyone.

Get Crafty

Break out the craft supplies and get creative! Catch up on your knitting or that DIY project you started ages ago. Try making something new for yourself or the house. I love to find tons of fun ideas on Pinterest such as wreath making or macrame. Refresh the look of your home by giving it a new coat of paint or even changing the color of your front door. Give the house a new feel by rearranging your furniture or even try switching which room they are in! Sometimes using different rooms for different purposes can completely change a house.

Create a Workspace for Remote Work

Many of us are required to work from home right now which means it’s important to create a proper workspace for yourself. It helps to find a quiet space with lots of natural light. Try creating a bulletin or vision board for yourself to display examples of what inspires you to do your job, make sure to leave a bit of blank space for yourself so there is room for your ideas to keep growing. Make yourself comfortable with the right chair and desk to keep productivity up. Working from your couch may seem like a good idea at first but it’s important to define your workspace as a professional one.

Get Outside in the Garden

Go outside and get into the fresh air! Getting your hands into the dirt and tending to your garden is a great way to relieve stress. Now that Spring is here it is the exact right time to start planting seeds and sprouts. Try building yourself a raised flower bed or even create a vegetable garden to harvest from in the summer. If you don’t have the opportunity to go buy the supplies or new plants for your garden, try your hand at propagating parts of the plants you already have at home. It’s much easier than you may think and you will have a new plant pup before you know it! (Pro-Tip: Make sure to research the proper way to trim the propagations off of each species of plant you have to ensure you don’t damage the mother plant.)

Fix and Repair Things Around the House

Everyone has that checklist of things that we have all been meaning to do around the house but never get around to. Since there is plenty of time on everyone’s hands currently, now is the absolute best time to get those things done! Repair that water leak under the kitchen sink, clean out the dryer ducts, wash your window screens, grease that door squeak, or change that burnt-out lightbulb. Every house needs a little extra care now and again, especially in those spots that we don’t necessarily see all the time.

Home is a Sanctuary

Your home is your sanctuary, so if you invest time in your home, you are investing time in yourself. In today’s time of stress, I think it’s important for us to do any little thing we can to make life a little easier for one another and ourselves.  After all is said and done, getting the house clean and completing unfinished projects is one of the biggest reliefs. Which is something I think everyone needs right about now.



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