6 Ideas for Staying Fit At Home

Staying active while we are instructed to stay home is extremely important for everyone right now. Sometimes getting the motivation to work out while at home can be difficult especially during such difficult times. So, I put together a little list of some of my favorite ways to stay fit to share with you all!


One of the most important parts of any workout is the cardio portion. Although it may seem like it’s hard to achieve a good cardio workout at home, there are actually plenty of simple ways to get your heart pumping. Some easy things you could try and even mix together are jumping jacks, burpees, squat jumps, jump roping or jogging in place. If you have a set of stairs at home, do a few minutes of stair-stepping. Another really fun way to squeeze some cardio in is by putting on your favorite music and dancing. Not only does this give you a great workout but it is also a perfect mood booster too!

Yoga and Meditation

A personal favorite way to stay active is by doing yoga and meditating. This type of workout is awesome for de-stressing, improving your posture (for all you remote workers), better breath control, plus it’s amazingly healthy for your heart! If you aren’t comfortable creating your own yoga routine there are tons of good resources for free online. Many yoga programs are offering classes for free currently to help those of us stuck at home in staying active. Try checking out CorePower yoga who are offering free instructional videos, Yoga Home is hosting live classes on Zoom at noon every day, Unity Yoga is holding free online classes via live stream, and my favorite local NM yoga studio Blissful Spirits also has been hosting free classes via their live stream on Facebook. Plus, don’t forget to look into the many free yoga workouts that are on YouTube!

Family Workouts

Make sure to get the family up and moving too! Get the kids to join you in your own workouts or try making a new routine together as a family. Exercising as a family will not only strengthen your bodies but your bond as well. Get out into the backyard and play some games together! Have a Nerf fight, make your own “boot camp”, go on a quick walk or run together (make sure to stay away from busy public areas), play a game of Capture the Flag or Dodgeball, or even have a dance party. Once again, there are also tons of fun work out videos for the whole family on YouTube.

DIY Workouts and Bodyweight Exercises

Creating your own workout routine can be a lot easier than you think! Put together at least 5 movements to make the base of your circuit. Do each movement for 30 seconds, then take a break for 30 seconds and repeat for 3-5 rounds. Some simple movements to try are squats, push-ups, lunges, plank, arm circles, wall sits, jumping jacks, calf raises, chair dips, bicycles or burpees. Another good way to add some intensity to your workout is by adding weight! Try filling up a backpack with books or any other heavy item that you are comfortable being able to carry and wear the backpack during your routine or even just around the house. If you don’t have hand weights at home try using full water jugs or bottles to use instead. There are lots of things around the house that can be used to add weight to your routine so just be creative!

Online Workout Resources

Many apps and online fitness programs are offering memberships for free right now! Here’s a quick list of a few of the resources you can access for free right now:

Nike Training Club App is offering premium memberships for free

Johnson&Johnson has a free 7-minute workout app

BalletX is hosting free dance classes on Instagram

PopSugar Fitness and Fitness Blender on YouTube have tons of different free workouts to try

OrangeTheory is offering their 30-minute routines online for free

YMCA is offering an online database of free workouts

BeachBody is offering free online classes with a 14-day trial

ObéFitness is offering a month of free fitness classes with a 30-day trial

CrossFit is offering free at-home workout videos

Blogilates is offering free pilates workouts and challenges

Don’t Forget to Stretch!

Make sure you don’t forget to stretch before and after you workout! This is important for your muscles to stay strong and prevent them from injury. Stretching properly can also improve motion in your joints, increase your blood flow, and decrease feelings of stiffness (especially after sitting around the house for so long). Another benefit of stretching is that it can reduce the feeling of soreness after your workout.

Staying active is very important but staying home is even more important right now! Remember to stay healthy, wash your hands and help prevent the spread of illness by keeping socially distant.

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